A bag of food for Christmas

Sav-A-Lot Grocery store, located in the Sun Plaza Shopping Center, is hosting a food drive for Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry this Christmas.   

According to Tom Bullaro, co-director of Our Lady’s Pantry, Sav-A-Lot is making it easy to share food.  They are preparing bags of groceries with all the makings for Christmas dinner (without the turkey).  If you wish to purchase one of these grocery bags for your neighbors -- for $5.99 -- the store will set it aside for the Pantry.

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According to Doug Pinkham, manager of Sav-A-Lot, this food drive is a company-wide effort to provide some food for those experiencing hardship this year.  Our Lady’s Pantry is the recipient of this local drive.

“Each bag includes the makings for biscuits, brownies, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and several cans of vegetables,” says Pinkham, adding that many customers are picking up a bag as they are checking out their order.

“This is such a terrific idea,” says Bullaro.  “We will pick up this food regularly to share with our families.  We know the recipients of this food will be grateful. 

“What is especially nice, too, is that there is a space on the grocery bag, where the person donating the bag can write his or her name.  Thus the gift is personalized and the recipient knows who his or her angel might be.

“We thank Sav-A-Lot for making this food drive possible,” says Bullaro.

To learn more about Our Lady’s Pantry, please visit us at:  www.OurLadysPantry.com

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