Interfaith Council gifts Our Lady’s Pantry with $10,000

“Our thanks, once again, to The Interfaith Council for their generous gift of $10,000 for food for our neighbors,” says Tom Bullaro.  Bullaro, who is co-director of the Pantry, along with his wife Anita, says The Interfaith Council has been a major benefactor to the Pantry for many years. 

According to Bullaro, this year’s donation is specifically for food.  Because the Pantry purchases most of our food at Feeding Tampa Bay for about $.18 a pound, this $10,000 ensures literally tons of food for families experiencing hardship for one reason or another.  The loss of a job, illness, death, car maintenance or repair, can often put families one paycheck away from a precarious position when there is just not enough money for groceries. 

“Having a consistently well-balanced diet is essential to an individual to maintain good health,” says Bullaro.  “We are hopeful that the big boxes of groceries that we distribute every Saturday morning will nourish both bodies and souls by providing our neighbors with some level of hope and comfort that others very much care for them.

“We thank The Interfaith Council for everything they have done for us over the years.  In addition to money for food for many years, they provided our very first truck in which to haul food from our various distributors.  This truck, alone, more than doubled the amount of food we were able to secure to feed our families.”

The Interfaith Council gets its funds from The Nearly New Shop.  If you have ever purchased items from this shop – or contributed household items or clothing for them to resell – you have played a role in our receiving this grant today, Bullaro points out. 

“We thank you, too.”


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